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Dèmodès Indoor theatre

Three clowns. Fiercely tender. Desperately funny

A tribute to the old circus clowns.
A tragicomedy about the disappearance of these old comedians, and of collective imagination.
Three pathetic, clumsy, lost characters.
As an echo of past laughter.

Artistic team

  • Creation: Cia. La Tal and Leandre Ribera
  • Direction: Leandre Ribera
  • Performances: Enric Caso, Jordi Magdaleno i Leandre Ribera
  • Music: David Moreno
  • Visual Conception: Txema Rico
  • Construction circus ring: Castells i Planas
  • Inflatable: Quim Guixà
  • Design Light: Marco Rubio
  • Wardrobe: Begoña Simón
  • Production: Companyia La Tal